How to Program Beacons

Set up your beacons, table numbers and QR codes

File to download and print

To download the guide, click this link!


1. Get the app

Download the ‘me&u Tags’ app on your mobile device by clicking the link below. 

2. Log in

Log in to the app. (You will receive an email from ‘Airtable Automations’ with subject: me&u Operator Portal Details). 
Click ‘Press here to start’

3. Determine your beacon type

Tap the beacon to identify whether an NFC chip is present. 

If a pop up doesn’t appear with “me&u NFC Tag” (see below), this suggests your beacon is QR code only.

4. Choose what to program

Steps for QR Code: Select QR drop-down then proceed to Step 5.

Steps for NFC: Select NFC + QR drop-down then proceed to Step 5.


Note. NFC is the technology inside the beacon, allowing your customers to access your menu with just a tap. 
NFC is not included in beacons produced after November 2022.

5. Set table number & section

Type in what table number you would like the beacon/QR code to be assigned to. If applicable - select what section the beacon should be programmed to. This will affect the food/drink selections e.g. smoking area, courthouse, rooftop.


If you need a new section added, please contact me&u.

6. Start scanning

Click ‘Start Scanning’ Then you’re prompted to hold your phone near the beacon.

NFC - hold your phone near the beacon and then TAP.

QR - Scan the QR code with your camera


Beacons can easily be reprogrammed many times - you just have to confirm the changes from the old table & section to the new one

7. Auto-increment

Swipe left to enable auto-increment feature if you are programming multiple beacons.


Please make sure your table numbers are in chronological order when using this.

Demo video

Scan the QR Code to watch our video on how to program your beacons.


Big tables?
No problem, you can assign the same table number to multiple beacons.

Moving a table during service?
You can either re-program the beacons to the new table number or keep them as they are.

How can I check a table number on a beacon?
Tap or scan, go to ‘Profile’ in the top right-hand corner then click ‘leave table XX.’ This way you can also check if a beacon is programmed correctly.