Disabling me&u

Steps you need to take to turn off me&u in your venue

Click Launch Venue Manager and enter your PIN. 

Disable a single beacon/table

  • Go to Floor Manager. 
  • Open the section with the beacon you wish to manage. 
  • Select the Availability, and set the beacon as Available, or Unavailable and define a time expiry. 
  • Once confirmed, the beacon will be switched off for that period of time, and any active users will be kicked off it. 

Disable a section

  • Go to Floor Manager. 
  • If your venue has more than one section you can click on Available next to an individual section's name and only disable the one section.

  • Select the reason why you are disabling me&u

  • Then choose how long you want to disable the section, or open live chat before disabling the section.

If you are disabling me&u due to an issue, give your Account Manager a call.

Alternatively, contact our Customer Experience team via the Live Chat function, or via:

📞 Phone:
- Australia 1300 632 638
- New Zealand 0800 005 211

📧 Email:
- Australia & NZ helpme@meandu.com.au  
- United States helpme@meandu.com
- United Kingdom helpme@meandu.co.uk