Set Up a Venue Manager Access PIN

A how to guide and an explanation of the two access levels on Venue Manager



Only Operator Portal logins that have the permission Venue Owner can add/edit PINS to be Manager level. Other roles also cannot see the PIN code that has been set.

How to set up a PIN:

  1.  Login to the me&u Operator PortalClick on My Venue, select Staff

  2. Click on any pre-existing names to view their staff pin, or select ‘Add New Staff Member’ to create a new one.

  3. Fill in the Name and pin field (4 numbers) and choose the permission level required. Permission levels are as follows:
  • Basic 
    View and manage menu item availability. View only orders, takeaway and sections page

  • Advanced
    Basic access plus manage menu categories, update product categories and items, and disable individual beacons

  • Finance
    Advanced access plus view and download financial records

  • Supervisor
    Finance access plus manage sections 

  • Manager
    Supervisor access plus modify customer orders

4. Save.

Permissions Overview

Operator Portal Roles: 

Venue Owner

  • Edit role types from staff to manager

  • Read and edit staff and manager PINs

Venue Manager

  • See if role type is staff or manager but cannot edit

  • Manager PINs hidden

  • Read and edit staff PINs

Other external roles

  • See if role type is staff or manager but cannot role edit

  • Manager PINs hidden

  • Read staff PINs